1. All entities of individuals have an equal right to become a Binus' partner.
  2. Terms and conditions for becoming a partner are as follows:
    1. Meet the administrative requirements and fill-in data when registration.
    2. Meet the technical requirements, such as:
      1. Meet the quality standard of products/services
      2. Timeliness of delivery as agreed
      3. Competitive prices
      4. Term of Payments as agreed
    3. Have a full commitment during and after sales service.
    4. Have the ability / expertise and experience in such business .
    5. Agreed and signed the Integrity Pact Statement (Can be downloaded through Download menu).
  3. All candidates will be evaluated before the partner become a Binus' partner. All the results of the assesment conducted by Binus is absolute and inviolable, and no liability for Binus to provide a detailed explanation of the evaluation results.

Thus , this policy is informed to be a concern. If there any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us:

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